• What is the SEAIR Brand?   SEAIR is the trade name/ Commercial brand name of SEAIR International (SEAIR-I) The brand is the 2nd Oldest Airline Brand in the Phillippines with a history of premium leisure flights to the best holiday destinations since 1995.


  • How many passengers can your aircraft carry?The Dornier 328 carries 30 passengers
  • Do you offer cabin service on your aircraft? SEAIR-I offers cabin service on all its Dornier 328 flights.
  • Do your aircraft have toilets onboard?Our Dornier 328 aircraft all have toilet facilities onboard.



  • Where does SEAIR-I fly to?SEAIR-I currently offers the following scheduled routes:DOMESTICClark to Caticlan ( Boracay ) v.v.

    Caticlan (Boracay) to  Puerto Princesa, (Palawan) v.v.



  • How do I know the flight schedule?Please view our online timetable for all direct and connecting flight schedules, and the aircraft used to operate each service. You can also call SEAIR Reservations at+632 8490101


  • What should I do if my baggage has been lost or damaged?If your baggage is damaged, lost or delayed during a flight, you must advise a member of ground handling staff immediately and before leaving the airport with in 24 hours. Claims for damage after the baggage has been removed from the airport cannot be considered.


  • What is the baggage allowance on SEAIR’s flights?Each passenger occupying a seat is permitted a free 10 kg baggage allowanceWe reserve the right to apply a charge to items in excess of this allowance, and carriage is subject to space on the aircraft.The maximum permitted size for hand baggage is 5kg.


  • Do you carry surfboards and golf bag?One set of surfboard or golf bag may be carried, subject to space, on the Dornier aircraft by prior arrangements only.
    Passengers wishing to arrange carriage of surfboards and golf bags must contact reservations on+632 8490101.
    Surfboards and Golf bags equipment count as part of the 10 kg baggage allowance.
  • What are the excess baggage charges?The excess baggage fee for domestic routes is P100 (all inclusive) per kilogram.
  • What items cannot be carried on board SEAIR’S flights?The following dangerous articles are not permitted in baggage:FLAMMABLE LIQUIDS AND SOLIDS such as lighter or heater fuel, paint and matches

    POISONS such as insecticides, weed killers, arsenic and cyanide.

    RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL, OXIDISING MATERIALS, and ORGANIC PEROXIDES such as bleaches and fiberglass repair kits.

    FIREARMS AND EXPLOSIVES. Handguns, automatic weapons, munitions, ammunitions including blank cartridges, pistol caps, fireworks, flares, smoke canisters, and crackers.

    INFECTIOUS SUBSTANCES such as bacteria and viruses

    CORROSIVES such as mercury, acids, alkalis, and wet-cell batteries.

    COMPRESSED GASES. Deeply refrigerated flammable, non-flammable and poisonous gases such as butane, oxygen, propane and aqualung cylinders.

    All deadly weapons cannot be hand carried.


  • How can I cancel my booking?Some fare classes are non-refundable, some are refundable in SEAIR credit, and some are refundable in cash. This also depends on when the cancellation is done. Cancellations may only be made by calling SEAIR reservations at +632 8490101
  • Do you charge a fee if I miss my flight?If you arrive outside the minimum check-in time printed on your booking confirmation, you will be deemed as a ‘no-show’. For some fare classes the ticket can still be used subject to charges. For some fare classes the ticket is forfeited.
  • How can I change my booking?All fare classes in all routes are rebookable if the flight is changed at least 45 minutes before the flight. Charges vary depending on the fare class and when the rebooking is done.Rebooking can be done by calling SEAIR Reservations at +632 8490101.
  • What happens if a flight is delayed or cancelled?We make every effort to ensure that flights operate on time. In the event that your seat is cancelled due to your flight not operating for technical or other non-weather related reasons, you are entitled to cancel and receive a full refund on the cancelled and return legs.If the flight is cancelled, SEAIR will re-book passengers onto its next available flight, although it is not responsible for providing an alternative means of transport to the original destination or providing accommodation for delayed or cancelled passengers.
  • What kind of ticket will I receive?SEAIR is a ticketless airline. Once you have booked you will receive a booking reference by email, which you should keep in case you need to cancel or change the reservation.You will need to present a valid ID with photo when you check in and a passport if you are traveling to international destinations.
  • Will I have to reconfirm my booking?Yes, please reconfirm your booking a day before the flight.
  • How can I make group bookings  ?For groups of ten or more people please call SEAIR Reservations at+632 8490101. to discuss your requirements.
  • What kind of confirmation will I receive if I book a flight?Once you have booked a flight through this website you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your flight itinerary. If you book through reservations you can request to receive one through e-mail or fax.
  • Is travel insurance required to fly with SEAIR?Travel insurance is not required, however we strongly recommend comprehensive insurance to cover the costs of possible delays and cancellations.


  • Can I charter a SEAIR aircraft? Yes. SEAIR is licensed to provide charter flight services to domestic and international destinations, and we are ready to cater to your special needs.   Please call SEAIR Charters  at +632 5550972 for details.


  • Are animals allowed in SEAIR’S flight?Yes, but they must be placed in the cargo section in a cage and the owner must provide cage or crate and complete documents.
  • Can guide dogs/hearing dogs travel on SEAIR’s flight?Yes but they cannot be in the cabin, as discussed in previous question.


  • Can I take a wheelchair or similar aid onto a SEAIR flight?Passengers’ folding wheelchairs and pushchairs may be carried free of charge in addition to their normal baggage allowance, wherever possible. Other large items may be taken, but only by prior arrangement. If you are taking a wheelchair, pushchair, or other large or unusual item please call our reservations desk +632 8490101 to discuss your requirements before booking your travel.
  • Can people with special needs travel with SEAIR?SEAIR will always try to accommodate passenger with special needs; however, restrictions placed upon us by the type of aircraft in service may mean we cannot cater to all requirements. Passengers with special needs who book their seats over the telephone must advise the company of their requirements at the time of booking. Passengers purchasing seats over the internet must then contact the company quoting their six letter booking reference, to give details of their requirements.
  • Can pregnant women travel on SEAIR flights?Yes they can. They must fill up the EXMO (Expectant Mother) form at the check-in counter especially if they are more than 6 months pregnant. If pregnancy is sensitive one can fill up an EXMO form even if less than 6 months pregnant. All pregnant women need to provide doctor’s certificate allowing them to travel.