Baggage allowance


Turboprop Flights

  • Checked Baggage – For safety and comfort, passengers traveling on SEAIR
    are allowed one (1) piece of checked baggage free of charge limited to
    the following weight and size and weight limitations: Domestic Flights-
    maximum weight of 10 kgs and the maximum size is 59 inches (length +
    width + height); International Flights – maximum weight of 15kgs.
  • Hand-Carried Baggage. Passengers traveling on SEAIR are allowed one
    (1) piece of Hand-Carried Baggage plus an additional hand-bag or laptop
    free of charge subject to the following limitations on size and weight:
    maximum dimensions of 20cm x 32cm x 45cm and maximum weight of
  • Special items such as wheelchairs and assistive devices, bicycles, golf
    equipment, surfboards, and scuba equipment are not included in a
    passenger’s free baggage allowance and are subject to additional


Airbus Flights

  • For Airbus flights, 7kg handcarried baggage allowance is included.
    Check-in baggage allowance can be availed for an extra charge when
    booking online at and